Why am i lagging behind?



Lagging behind


Have you ever felt like you are lagging behind in life? You know that feelings that usually surfaces when ever you examine your life and discover that it ain’t going in contrary to your plans and expectations.  especially when you’ve seen your mate, colleagues or friends progressing from one stage of their life to the other. Comparison sets in, as  depression follows suit.

Perhaps, you’ve made plans  and created a very awesome picture of what your supposed future ought to look like.  But unfortunately, fantasies are sometimes far from reality. But then, that is life!!!

Is so common to feel like you are lagging behind, when your dreams are gradually becoming a nightmare.  Your once favorite social media  is gradually becoming annoying each passing day. Each time you log in, You can’t scroll down without seeing the awesome pictures of couples or intending couples flooding all over your time line. You can’t scroll down without bumping into a picture of an old time friend in an exquisite office or company.

Bumping into friends on the road a times always leaves you with the feelings of embarrassment and failure.

You’ve practically stopped going to certain places where you will likely meet old time friends to avoid questions like..what are you doing now? Are you married now?  At a point, You are beginning to contemplate  whether to go off social media for a while so as to avoid loosing focus and going insane.

I truly understand those feelings. Is quite normal especially when you’ve attained a certain age where you feel you ought to have made one accomplishment or the other, yet you still see yourself still on same level you were some decades ago.

Lagging behind in life feels as though there are people you accompanied to this life.  However, while is quite normal to feel that way, is abnormal to let this feeling subdue your happiness and dominate your existence. A lot at the verge of trying to comprehend or navigate things have end up taking their own lives as they wondered what else is there to live for?

Taking one’s life is never the solution. I will give you some tips to help you  overcome at such trying moments.

Lagging behind? What you should do at such moments.

Take a deep breath and pause. 

You can’t really focus when your mind is at much pressure, you can’t think positively in emotionally unstable mind. This is why you must take a deep breath and relax your mind first at turbulent times, so you can pave way for a stable mind in other to think positively.

Don’t shy away from people 

Nobody is an island, our success and wealth are often time a product of other people’s assistance. We can’t isolate ourselves from other people’s assistance if we must succeed in life.

As a business man/ woman, without people coming to patronize you, you won’t make sales. As a Skilled entrepreneur without people requesting for your service, you won’t progress.

As an upcoming celebrity, without fans,  you won’t be recognized. So you see, you can’t erase the relevance of people, that’s why you must let go of your Ego and shame and make yourself open and available.

God would not come down  from above to assist you after you’ve prayed. It is through people that such miracle will  come into existence. This is why you must not shield yourself totally from people in other not to drive your destiny helper away. A times you need to ignore shame and come out from your shelf in other to meet your destiny helper.

Be patient. 

Sometimes, when positive things are yet to show up, when our dream life is yet to become a reality, we assume we are lagging behind. But the fact is that, just like our date of birth,our destiny differs.  Some people are destined to make it earlier than others. It doesn’t actually portrays they are better or that others won’t make it.

But then that is life. And pressure becomes intense, when  friends and colleagues are becoming fortunate to have their successful life emerge  before yours .  The envious feeling is normal, but just wish them well and believe yours is on the way.  Most times, what we need is just patience. Don’t  allow impatience rub you off your positive story before it finally emerges.






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