Step Up Your Friend Game – for Catholic Youth


At some point, you just get bored with the never-ending cycle of Netflix, TikTok, and Instagram, snacks… repeat. It’s almost like you are stuck in this never-ending cycle of entertainment that leaves you even more bored than before. So what happens? You invite your friends over and it’s the same as before.

Here are some fun, creative things to do with your friends that get you out of the rut!

Make and Present Slideshows

As odd as it sounds, this can produce some of the best memories and laughs. Choose any topic that interests you or create an argument for something utterly ridiculous. Take turns presenting slideshows and witness the humor of your friends unfold.

Host an Exquisite Dinner

Put on some classical music, light some candles, and throw a towel over your arm! Create an atmosphere of the utmost class to serve fine cuisine of grilled cheeses or peanut butter & jellies. Dazzle your guests away with some sparkling cider and it will be a sure crowd-pleaser.

Host a Game Night

You can never go wrong with a game night! If a board game isn’t up your alley, look up “Telestrations,” go for a card game, or host a poker night! There are plenty of games that you can play online as well that are super easy to set up (including lots of hilarious Kahoot trivia games).

Create an “Art Gallery”

Have you and your friends come over to create 1 or 2 pieces of “artwork” whether it be a painting, drawing, or any sort of personalized masterpiece regardless of artistic talent! By the end, you will have a whole collection of talented, funny, weird, and beautiful pieces of art!

Go Explore

With the weather getting nicer as we head into the summer season, it’s the perfect time to go explore the great outdoors! It could be as simple as going for a bike ride, taking a hike through some trails, or exploring a different part of town you haven’t been before. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, there are always different nooks to find!

Start a Bible Study

We all know that we need to spend some more time in prayer and among our friends through a spiritual community. Choose a book in the bible for you and your friends to read through for the next few weeks! Come together to discuss the given chapters and how the Lord spoke to you through Scripture. This is the perfect way to grow authentic friendships rooted in Christ while also spending personal time in prayer. Consider these books: Ephesians, Ecclesiastes, Mark, Romans, or Acts.

Organize a Game of Pick-Up Soccer

Get your friends together for a game of soccer or any sports game of your choice, even if nobody has played before! Makeup and add new rules throughout the game to fuel competitiveness for the ultimate victory.

Shoot a Video

Get creative with different ideas to create an entertaining video whether it be a music video, TikTok, sketch, vlog, or Instagram story! Collaborate with your friends to create something unique and personal for you to share.

At the end of the day, fun and memorable moments with friends fosters the community God desires us to be part of. The Lord yearns for us to be surrounded with people that uplift us and bring us closer to His kingdom. We experience the love of Christ through the small, yet intentional moments with the friends we surround ourselves with. Now go and do something fun with your friends!

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