How to know if she wants you to talk to her?


How to know if she wants you to talk to her?

How to know if she wants you to talk to her?

If you’ve ever found yourself in a social scenario with a lady you like, you’ve probably wondered, “How to know if she wants you to talk to her?” Putting oneself out there and striking up a conversation with a lady is obviously nerve-wracking, and reading body language signals can be difficult at times. Fortunately, if you know a few of these tried-and-true tactics, you’ll be far more likely to strike up a meaningful discussion with a woman.

Here are some surefire ways to know if she wants you to talk to her:

If she makes eye contact with you, you can tell if she’s interested or not. Are you aware that she is staring at you? When you catch her eye, does she hold it? Give her a warm grin and see whether she reciprocates. If she does, you can confidently approach her and speak with her!

2. She keeps her body language open.

Body language, including eye contact, is crucial in determining whether she’s willing to talk. Smiling, appearing calm (her arms aren’t crossed, and she doesn’t appear unhappy), and facing the person she’s talking to are all sound indicators that she’s asking others to talk to her as well.

3. She engages you in small talk.

Have you ever started talking to someone you didn’t want to chat to? The answer is almost certainly no. Women who want to grab your attention will sometimes admire the colour of your scarf, ask if you have a book recommendation, or comment on the weather as a method to start small talk. Use this as an opportunity to extend the conversation by mentioning something positive about her or asking a follow-up question.

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4. She compliments you

Women can express their interest in something by complimenting it, like in the scarf example above. Maybe she likes what you’re wearing or how your hair looks. Don’t forget to give her a genuine compliment as well! She will be grateful for the reciprocation, and it will make her happy.

Maybe you met a woman through mutual acquaintances or at a local art gallery. Send her a hilarious joke or “like” one of her photographs if she follows you on social media after you’ve met (extra points if she does it within hours of meeting you!).

6. She asks about you to your friends

Nothing is more gratifying than hearing from a friend that a woman is interested in you. Take advantage of the situation and ask your friend for her contact information so you may strike up a chat! Enjoy getting to know her, and think about going on a double date with your mutual friends.

7. She isn’t in the company of her buddies.

Women occasionally enjoy “girls’ nights,” in which they go out in a group and mingle amongst themselves with no intention of meeting any men. Women go out in smaller groups and appear to be receptive to speaking with guys at other times. When you’re around, notice if she removes herself from her friends—this is a great moment to strike up a conversation with her.

Final thoughts on how to know if she wants you to talk to her

We talked about subtle signs like making eye contact and having an open body language today. A more direct approach, such as complementing you or following you on social media, was also discussed.

You’ll feel lot more at ease approaching a woman and engaging her in conversation now that you know what to look for. Enjoy getting to know her and seeing where it takes you.

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