How to Believe in Yourself at Bad Times


How to Believe in Yourself at Bad Times

Are you tired of dating and falling in love? Have you ever wondered how to believe in yourself at bad times?
It’s difficult to start dating. When you’ve been ghosted, bread-crumbed, rejected, or betrayed, it’s difficult to believe in yourself.

You begin to suspect that something is seriously wrong with you. Couples who appear to be happy irritate you. Alternatively, you may believe that you are too old, too big, or too whatever to ever find love. That you simply do not have a soulmate. I understand. I’ve been there before.

The good news is that I’ve figured out a few basic tricks to help me believe in myself. You can do it, too!
You already possess everything you require to build the relationship – and life – of your dreams. And just the way you are, you are lovable and cherished! The trouble is that the little voice inside your head refuses to believe it… and therefore you remain stuck. It’s time to call it quits! When you learn to fully believe in yourself, you’ll be shocked at what can happen in your life. Here are my top seven tactics –

How to Believe in yourself at Bad Times?

Use Affirmations

  • Affirmations work best when they inspire positive comments, such as “I learn to love myself in a surprisingly easy and effortless way.” “I manufacture soulmate love that is perfectly suited to my needs.” “I have an instinctive understanding of how to manage my connection such that it turns out even better than imagined.” or “Blessings are on their way to me today.”
  • Several times a day, repeat your favourite affirmation.

Use sticky notes

  • “I deserve a terrific day today, starting now,” or “Everyday, in every manner, I am getting better and better,” write on your bathroom mirror. “I am lovable and adored just as I am,” or “I am likeable and loved just as I am.” It might set the tone for a more pleasant day because it will be the first thing you see in the morning.
  • Consider sticking some positive sticky notes on your refrigerator, on your computer, in your wardrobe, and other areas. You’ll see good, encouraging messages all day long this way!

Write down your negative thoughts and feelings

  • Many otherwise worthy intentions and efforts in life can be sabotaged by negative ideas.
  • “Is this a reality or a feeling?” ask yourself as you write down your negative thoughts. It is impossible to modify a fact. If it’s a sensation, keep in mind that all feelings can and do change.
  • Next, write down the polar opposite—or positive expression—of each negative thought: “I can’t do this” becomes “I can accomplish this in a shockingly easy and effortless way.”

Develop an attitude of gratitude

  • Make a list of everything you’re grateful for right now.
  • Exercising gratitude for even the little positives is a good idea. Over time, your ability to be appreciative will improve. This is the foundation of joy!

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Think with a future perspective

  • “Will this breakup matter six months from now?” you should ask yourself.
  • Many of your worries are mental junk that won’t even cross your head!

Call or text a friend

  • This helps to shift your attention away from your own unpleasant thoughts and sensations and toward something else.
  • Simply listening to a buddy is beneficial to both them and you.
  • It’s as simple as that: helping others makes us feel good. It helps us feel more capable and attractive.

Surround yourself with positive people

  • People who are upbeat tend to lift the spirits of those around them. If you spend time with joyful individuals, you’ll notice that their positive attitudes and moods rub off on you.
  • A fantastic example of this is speaking with a Love Mentor coach. It’s like having your own personal Fairy Godmother!
  • A Love Mentor will show you how to boost your self-confidence and raise your happiness in life with easy tips and strong strategies.

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