How Not To Ruin Your Date


How Not To Ruin Your Date

How Not To Ruin Your Date!

Dating can be thrilling, pleasurable, and stressful all at once! Sadly, despite your best attempts to arrange the perfect date, things sometimes go wrong! This is the spot to go if you want to learn about things you shouldn’t do if you want your first date to go well.

To begin, we must state that, while the focus of this article is on the first date, this does not mean that you should not be cautious on subsequent dates. Even if you know each other well, keep in mind that negative habits can ruin any date.

We attempted to recollect how it was when we used to go on dates while composing this essay. What do you think?! “Oh, the best part is that it’s over!” was the first thought that sprang to mind. That said, we had a good time dating, and the lessons we learnt aren’t too distant in our minds. However, each time we went out, we remembered how stressful it was. Everything is a source of concern for you: the location, the meal, your clothing, gestures, and the tone of your voice. You’re also concerned about whether you’ll be amusing or intelligent enough, and whether they’ll be entertaining or intelligent enough.

Okay, it’s a little simpler these days because most people meet their possible dates on online dating services. To begin, you are matched based on your hobbies and other factors. Aside from that, you can send messages to each other and get to know each other before going on an actual date. However, there are still possibilities for things to go wrong and ruin the date.

Don’t be concerned! We have some exciting news for you! It used to be much more difficult to learn about things we shouldn’t do, but that is no longer the case! We can use Google, our good friend, to get information on whatever we need, including first date advice. We reflected on our dating experiences and shared them with our friends. As a result of those discussions, we’ve written this essay to provide you with some first date advice. But don’t forget to save them for other occasions, as they’ve proven to be rather useful.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do On a First Date

Don’t Be Late 

We never discuss being five or ten minutes late! There are always some things you can’t predict, no matter how carefully you plan when to leave your house or business and how accurate you are in general. Getting trapped in a traffic gridlock can happen to anyone at any time. It’s fine if you’re not more than 15 minutes late. However, if something unexpected occurs that would cause you to be late for longer than that, you should notify your date as soon as possible and apologise for your tardiness.

Don’t spend all of your time on the phone.

Imagine going on a date with someone you’re interested in only to find them chatting with their pals or checking Twitter. What would your reaction be? If you responded yes to this question, you understand why talking on the phone while on a date is a bad idea. Doesn’t it communicate to the other person that you are uninterested and have something more important to do?! Okay, you might discover in the middle of the first date that this individual isn’t appropriate for you! However, there are far better ways to deal with the situation. If you’re interested in someone but aren’t a surgeon on call, remember that one of the first date rules is that talking on the phone when you’re meant to be talking is a big no-no.

Avoid focusing solely on yourself.

Everyone goes on a date with the intention of learning more about the other person. As a result, it’s only natural that you’d want to disclose personal information. However, bear in mind that no one wants to learn everything about you on your first date, such as how you grew up, what your parents do for a career, and so on. Furthermore, people expect to hear that you are interested in them and their lives. So, of course, talk about the topics that matter to you, but don’t bombard your date with irrelevant material. You’re not getting married tomorrow! Also, don’t forget to inquire!

Don’t Drink Too Much

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be worried leading up to and throughout the date. That isn’t to say that you should drink excessively to cope with anxiety. Go ahead and have that second or third drink if you tolerate alcohol well and are in a good mood. However, if you know it will get you drunk, we strongly advise you to limit yourself to one glass of wine. Be warned that getting drunk like that is one of the first date red flags for alcoholism for many people.

Don’t Talk About Marriage 

Okay, look, we all need love, and we all fantasise about meeting that particular someone with whom we can start a family, have children, and get a dog. Should you bring it up on your first date?! What about tenth? Seriously?! It’s critical to realise that something like that is a major turnoff. That’s not to imply your date doesn’t desire all of these things as well. And who knows, maybe they’ll want to be with you. However, going on a date and focusing just on the two of you is already a lot of work. In the early months of dating, there are so many topics to discuss. Things like family and other personal matters have no place in first-date chats.

When choosing a restaurant, be cautious.

When it comes to first-date restaurants, there are two things to keep in mind. The first is the atmosphere. Is it warm and inviting? Hopefully, there won’t be too much music or other people’s conversation. You want a well-decorated location with good music (not too loud) and pleasant wait staff where both of you will feel at ease. There’s also the issue of food. Let’s pretend you think Italian is romantic, in which case this would be ideal. There’s nice wine, good music, and so forth. But… You should be aware that many Italian foods contain a lot of garlic! It does, in fact, have a terrific flavour, and you enjoy it. However, you must acknowledge that kissing someone whose breath has a garlicky odour is hardly sexy. Also, keep in mind that, as wonderful as pasta is, it can be somewhat messy. You don’t want to put ragu sauce all over your date’s face clothes, do you, now?

Don’t Make Negative Remarks About Your Ex

If we’re being completely honest, our first date advise is to avoid discussing your ex at all. It’s not good to be heartbroken, and you have the right to be hurt. That isn’t to say you have to tell your current date everything you dislike about your ex. When you talk about your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends, it usually reveals how you treat individuals after they’ve left your life. Talking about your ex in general can convey the wrong impression, implying that you are still not over him or her, and so on.

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