After rejection!!! What next?





After rejection? What next?

And so after rejection, what next? How can you cope with the emotional trauma? How can you accept the irreversible scenario?

How can you embrace the reality right before you? You just want to wake up and realize it was just a night mare. As human, such reality is just hard to accept no matter how strong you are.

Imagine fantasizing on how glamour your wedding day will be like, you’ve created a picture and how perfect your home will definitely look, you’ve even discussed it among your friends.

You’ve bragged about your lovely partner  and how complete they make you feel ever since they came into your life, during your discussions  with them. Everyone is anticipating for that special day you will walk down the isle with your heart throb.

But all of a sudden, your expectation turned into a night mare.

The day which ought to have been the happiest day of your life turned out to be the saddest and regrettable day.

You proposed expecting to  hear a positive response but got disappointed instead. You felt your world has crumbled right before you, the embarrassment and expectations are so hard to ignore.

Your pictures together  are already littered everywhere on social media. Everyone is anticipating for that special day. Now how do you tell them that the once expected union  had become a night mare, due to rejection

The trauma that usually comes after rejection can be so shocking and  may lead to  depression. if not handled carefully.

Proposal rejection does not just affect the men alone, but equally affect women in one way or the other.

When a woman had been led on, to the point of making a whole lot of   commitment, ranging from emotional commitment to physical commitments,  and then becomes disappointed at the end, she will definitely feel the effect or aftermath of rejection.

However, just like every other misfortune or unfortunate occurrence  in life, your reactions to it matters a lot as that will determine your tendency of pulling over or becoming drowned by your emotions at the end of the day.

To some, it affected their lives positively afterwards as they learnt certain things out of it, while to some few others, it posed a negative mindset in their lives as they chose to gave up on love, thereby missing their life partner.

This article is just to remind you that all hope is not lost yet even after rejections, you don’t have to get yourself worked up or wallow in pity forever. You’ve gat to move on. So how do you go about it? How do you get yourself out from this likely prolong misery? Let’s find out.

How to move on after rejection.

Sob, cry and wail.

Surprised right? I know you must have been expecting something like.

Pretend like you are strong, buckle up your feelings, and just move on with your life, but then is most easier said than done. As humans, we can’t totally get rid of emotions, we only learn how to conquer them.

Research has it that, letting out your emotions by whichever means is the surest and most effective way to move on during emotional trauma.  If you lock it up, you are only covering a wound without treating it, and you know what? Why it is concealed, the scars will never go. Is better to have it treated once, with the scars healing gradually, till there’s no more left.  In others words, cry, sob and wail till there’s no more reason to do that. Soon you will get tired of that.

Forgive your self and your Ex- partner.

The emotional trauma that comes after rejection is so severe that some people had vowed never to forgive the one who caused them so much pain. But then, by holding grudges you are equally getting yourself stuck too .

unforgiving heart makes you a slave to your own emotion because it often breeds bitterness and hatred. Set your self free. Quit blaming yourself for loving and trusting them. Set yourself free by forgiving yourself and forgiving them too. Also avoid harboring a revenge thought. Make up your mind to let go. In that case, you will easily erase the past to pave way for the future.

Take a break.

After rejection, there’s always an urge to mingle again. There’s an intense desire to revive those memories you once had with them.

Probably because you missed them or want to proof to them that you are better off with some other persons.

This is not a contest. You don’t contest with emotions. Is either you’ve moved on or you’re still hanging on there trying to revenge which most times doesn’t end well. No matter the urge, try to give relationship a break, this will help you be in charge of your own feelings and emotions at the mean time.  In other to clear your head and get yourself emotionally,  physically and psychologically prepared for the next relationship.

let go of your past-

This is the last stage that will determine your tendency to love again and equally trust again. And what will enable you to let go of the past is when you strictly follow all the above mentioned point. By letting go of the past, you are paving way for a bright future ahead.













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