7 Steps to bring back HOPE in Love


7 Steps to bring back HOPE in Love

Do you have a broken heart? Is your love life in shambles? Do you feel as though your relationship or marriage is failing you? Or that it’s letting you down? Are you finding it difficult to trust that anything is actually working for you right now? If you’re losing hope in love, I understand since I’ve been there.

It seems like midnight of the soul when you are disappointed, left, abandoned, or hurt and cheated on. Things become gloomy, everything appears drab, and finding satisfaction in anything becomes difficult. You may occasionally overeat, or find it difficult to eat or sleep.

But I want you to know that your gloomy mood is completely reversible. And in a hurry. Even if it appears to be impossible for you! Today, I’m going to show you an unique seven-step mindset shift practise that will completely transform your life. Indeed, following these seven steps can help you transition from disappointment, darkness, hopelessness, or despair to new hope and opportunities. And a fresh sense of joy. It’s something I use myself, and it’s effective. So let’s get this party started. Here are the 7 Steps to bring back Hope in Love:

Select a Negative thought that is bringing you down.

Let’s take a look at some frequent self-defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts, such as: Nobody wants me; I’m unlovable; I’ll never find love because I’m flawed; There are no decent men/women on dating apps; my husband/wife does not love me; I will spend the rest of my life alone and lonely.

Consider your dissatisfaction as a dark cloud.

Assume that the disappointment, upset, or hopelessness associated with that notion is represented by a dark cloud. Close your eyes and visualise a cloud in your imagination.

Consider the cloud expanding and disappearing.

Consider how that dark cloud is growing and dispersing. Getting thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter as it expands and expands out. Imagine the image fading as it grows larger and larger when you close your eyes.

Increase the size of the cloud.

Consider how thin and light the cloud becomes as it expands to the size of your city…. your country…. the entire world. Imagine it expanding there as it grows thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter as you close your eyes.

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Take a picture of a cloud and project it into space.

Imagine a cloud the size of the solar system, the Milky Way, the entire universe, and expanding beyond the known cosmos. Take the vision all the way into space by closing your eyes.

Consider yourself an observer in a completely different universe.

Assume you’re in a different universe now. Look across at the cloud and remark, “You are nothing more than a figment of my imagination.” Now is the time to vanish. Close your eyes and perform the final step, and watch the cloud disintegrate.

Make a new affirmation for yourself.

I’d like you to make a positive self-affirmation at this time, such as: I see all the fantastic new possibilities for me. I’ve let go of the past and am looking forward to the future. In an unexpected way, I find love and a life beyond my greatest expectations. Everything is feasible for me when I have the Divine on my side.

So there you have it: seven effective strategies to transforming your hopelessness into hope!

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