4 Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage


4 Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage

Marriage is a dream for many people, whether they are single or in a relationship. While marriage can be a wonderful and happy experience, it can also be full of unexpected twists and turns.

Couples that fail to discuss certain critical problems may later find out that they have some startling incompatibility. To avoid this, it’s critical to discuss about marriage and what you hope to achieve in the future. You need to make certain that you and your fiancée agree on certain points. While each couple’s journey is unique and personal, here are 4 Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage.

Why Is It Important to Have an Open Conversation Before Marrying?

Even if you have an arranged marriage, you must attain a certain level of understanding before committing to spend the rest of your life with someone. It’s best to know that you can establish a life together if you take your marital vows seriously and don’t want to divorce. Some couples are fundamentally irreconcilable on certain matters, although this isn’t usually apparent until the wedding day.

Maintaining an open line of communication is crucial in every relationship. Communication can help prevent problems from becoming too serious. So, before you sign that marriage licence, bear this in mind!

4 Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage

Whether or not you want children

This may seem self-evident, and most couples debate whether or not they want children before getting married. However, these discussions are frequently hazy and may not always convert into concrete conclusions. For example, many couples marry with one spouse certain they want children and the other undecided. The partner who desires children expects that their partner will change his or her opinion or make the necessary compromise for the benefit of the marriage.

This, however, does not always occur. Sometimes the partner who is unsure about having children decides they don’t want them after all. This can cause considerable tension and animosity on both sides, as well as the dissolution of marriages. Make sure to ask questions like, ‘Will you still have children even if I want them more than you?’ when you’re talking about kids. ‘How much are you willing to give up on this issue?’

You might also want to talk about what happens if you are unable to conceive. Will both partners be enthusiastic about adopting? Will you just agree to have biological children? Even if it doesn’t appear romantic, it’s critical that you learn about these topics.


Money is one of the most prominent sources of tension in marriages and relationships. While many couples have a hazy financial plan, others don’t talk about money at all before their wedding day. However, this might have serious negative implications and lead to the dissolution of a relationship in the future.

Many couples, for example, fail to have an open and honest discussion about debt before signing their marriage certificates. This can result in one spouse unwittingly marrying into a significant debt load for which they are then partially liable. Another issue is monetary expectations.

Do you have a reasonable expectation of your partner’s earning potential and lifestyle in ten years? Will it be a source of contention if your partner earns less or a lot more than you? These conversations, as uncomfortable as they are, are really important to have before getting married.


Unfortunately, due to a lack of communication, couples might sometimes end up in a sexless marriage. A lot of it has to do with misaligned sexual expectations. Although this is a topic that should be discussed before you tie the knot, it is one that should be discussed before you tie the knot.

It’s a good idea to talk about your sexual compatibility and expectations in an open and honest manner. If you don’t believe in sex before marriage, this is very vital. Just because you’re not doing something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk about it.

You can also assess your relationship by discussing whether or not you are currently sexually compatible. Sexual communication is frequently used as a gauge for how well you speak about other topics. Do you have the feeling that your lover loves and wants you? Do they have the same feelings about you? Is it feasible that one of you would wish to try something new sexually or consider an open marriage at some point? What would you do in this situation? These kinds of honest discussions can deepen your relationship and help you prepare for marriage.

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When it comes to spending time together, couples can have very different expectations. One partner may need a lot of space and alone time, while the other prefers to be together all day. This is frequently due to simple personality differences, such as one being an extrovert and the other being an introvert.

Whether you want to move in together, get legally married, or have a common-law marriage, this is a crucial discussion to have. Needs for space and boundaries can have a big impact on daily life and generate problems if they aren’t addressed. One spouse may believe the other is ignoring them when they simply require space, while the other may believe their boundaries are being violated.

Make sure you can discuss the importance of alone time without making the other person feel rejected. Similarly, be sure you can communicate your demand for attention without appearing pushy. This will pave the way for a happy marriage.


Making a marriage last is difficult, but open communication helps. Even if you don’t agree on everything, your spouse should be a safe place for you to air your grievances. This will assist you in ensuring that your marriage survives any and all storms.

What methods do you and your partner utilise to communicate? Is there anything you wish you’d talked about before getting married? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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