10 points to help you making your Dating Decisions


10 points to help you making your Dating DecisionsIt can feel like traversing a minefield when it comes to dating. You’re in big peril if you make one wrong move! Dating can be draining and depressing, whether you’re a naturally cautious planner or an impetuous thrill-seeker. On both sides of the road, there are numerous ditches to fall into, and without the Light of the World, we’ll surely stumble in the dark.

Thankfully, we’re not alone in our dating experiences. The Bible is God’s inspired word, and it guides us through everything we go through, including relationships, break-ups, and marriage. Here are 10 points to help you making your dating decisions.

1. Express Your Desires to the Lord

When dating, one of the most important things to remember is not to let the relationship become idolised. Protect your heart by focusing on the Lord first and foremost. Other things in our lives, especially our heart’s aspirations, tend to fall into place when we follow Him. This isn’t a magic formula, but rather an act of trust and sacrifice in which we submit our desires to the Lord.

2. Don’t stick around Temptation

Purity in dating is essential to our spiritual walk and the health of our relationships. Couples who engage in sexual intercourse before entering into the bond of marriage are breaking the law. This isn’t an arbitrary rule imposed by God to keep us from having fun, but rather a physical and emotional safeguard as we mature and learn more about a future partner. Sexual intimacy brings a couple closer together while also blinding them to red flags in one other’s personalities. It instils a false sense of security that will soon be shattered. It’s not worth it, and it makes the Holy Spirit angry.

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3. Those who do not believe in Dating

The first thing we should ask while deciding whether or not to date someone is, “Are they a God Belivever?” This does not imply observing if they whisper a prayer before devouring a cheeseburger or whether they visit church on a regular basis. Do they walk with God, in other words? Are they guilty of a sin? Do they read the Bible and go to church on their own, without your prompting? Were they doing so before you arrived on the scene? If you fall in love with someone who does not share your views, you will undoubtedly experience heartbreak. Don’t do it if they’re not a believer, no matter how kind, gorgeous, or generous they are. Wait for the Lord to send you a man who is after His own heart.

4. Through the ups and downs, trust in His guidance

Patience is a crucial asset in the dating world. Dating (after an unwelcome divorce) was one of the most frustrating experiences I’d ever had. After getting married at the age of 20, dating in my 30s was difficult enough. It was considerably more difficult to date as a single mom. On lonely nights, I had to do a lot of believing in the Lord, depending on His insight, and sighing. But, after some straying on my part, He straightened my path, and a few years ago, I remarried a Christian single father. I’m so glad I didn’t keep travelling down the crooked routes I was forcing for myself out of impatience now that I look back. Single ladies, trust Him and His timing!

5. Respect Each Other

Dating should be about honour and respect. A male, for example, should not force a woman to be physically intimate (or vice versa), but rather honour her body and heart as a sister in Christ. When a couple in a dating relationship strives to honour each other, they will invariably honour the Lord as well. This is an excellent objective.

6. Learn to Love according to God’s Word

Love is patient and kind; it is not envious or boastful; it is not arrogant or impolite. It isn’t obstinate; it isn’t irritated or resentful; it doesn’t exult in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. Love bears everything, believes everything, hopes everything, and suffers everything.
We don’t need to look any further than these guidelines for loving one another well. Friendships, familial ties, and romantic relationships are all affected by this.

7. You must Know Why You Are Dating

Marriage should be the ultimate goal of dating. There’s no point to date if you’re not old enough or almost old enough to marry. Dating as a teenager brings with it much too much temptation and sorrow. Marriage is a representation of Christ’s covenant connection with His wife, the church. Everything we do in dating is geared toward this end goal: the union of two people.

8. Be accountable for one another’s purity

For the sake of their future marriage, those in dating relationships should pursue purity. They might begin to keep the marriage bed honourable and undefiled by physically establishing limits and guardrails during their dating season. Nothing was polluted and there was no sexual immorality if the relationship did not end in marriage.

9. Take Your Time to decide

We should not make love before it is ready. To put it another way, don’t rush things! While you’re single, don’t wish for a relationship. While you’re dating, don’t wish for marriage. Rather, rely in the God who has your days numbered and designed to welcome each season of your life.

10. Know Who You Belong To

When dating, we must keep in mind that our bodies are not our own, but were purchased at a cost. Everything we do with our bodies should be acceptable to God, both in and out of dating situations.

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